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SUNDAY, JULY 8, WTOP Radio (1500) TV. (Ch. 9)

Mother Appeals to Kidnaper

24 Near-Collisions Over National Airport

~ enat e Unit By Pilot Official : Votes Funds Haphazar d Flying, Or Message ToProbe AidEquipment Blamed At Chureh,

-Haphazard flying by commer- year, states that the problems '

cial pilots and cumbersome associated with high density $300,000 Approved const She Pleads

ruction in the planes they traffic, including the near colli- For Checkup by —_ {3 nearcollisions over Nationallington as well as other loca

Outside Experts ; All Faiths Help; Report Due Jan. 31 Mrs. Weinberg Promises Police

Airport in a 30-day period. tions. By J. W. Davis Won't Interfere

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The Weather

Today—Mostly sunny with high around 86. Partly cloudy, warm with scat- tered thundershowers at night and Monday. Saturday's temperatures High, 84 at 3:15 p.m.: low, 70 at 5:10 a.m. (For details see Page B2.)


79th Year No. 216 °**** Phone RE. 7-1234

Coprright 1956 The Weehington Post Companys


ee ee


Leave Baby



Signing of CTC Paet

9 Lawyers Have

of the Aircraft Owners afd) mercial pilots are the best in Pilots Association, and @ mem- the world and part of the blame. ber of the Government-mill-'for near-accidents is caused by Committee, said the Me&af-\-ontration required in taking misses were “mostly careless-\o¢@ and landing. ness.” ' “They say there will be modi-; The Committee set up @ test,’ «ations in the new jet aircraft, the first in the Nation, establish- being constructed for commer-|

ing a high density zone around purposes,” said, 7 (INS)}—The grieving moth-

ee ee ee “and that will help immeasur- er of kidnaped Peter Wein- speed, berger again took to tele-

tions and visibility require-| 2 | vision tonight to appeal for

ments on aircraft penetrating’ . - the area. The trial period ends Pilot has poor visibility in his' tn. anductor of the 35-day- old infant to return him to

July 21 cockpit and there is so much to 4 report. based on two sur- do when landing or taking off his h veys conducted during the See AIRPORT, Page A-i, Col, I iS ROME. Mrs. Morris Weinberger pledged that police will not in-

terfere with the family’s at- tempts to get the baby back. Her choking, dramatic ap- peal, presented on film over a New York television station (WCBS-TV) at 11 p. m., called ot. the abductor to make use of churches or synagogues and the clergy to return the infant.

Marathon Parley; Chalk-Fox Near

Max Karant, vice presidefit) karant explained “the com-| Sale Agreement -

sociated Press

The Senate Rules Commit- tee gave its approval yester- day to a proposal by jhe Dem- ocrats for an investigation of the foreign aid program.

It approved a resolution set- ting aside $300,000 for the study and directing the Foreign Rela- lions Committee to determine

By Grace Bassett Sta Reporter

Signing of an agreement! for the sale of Capital Trans-| it Co.'s assets to a new op-' erating firm was delayed yesterday by round-the-clock session of lawyers.

Attorneys for CTC said the) long conference involved work-| ing on details of the 16-page draft agreement calling for the sale. They declared that no major disagreement had arisen

The meeting began at 9:30) a. m. between two attorneys for | tne CTC, which is slated to go

out of business Aug. 14, and) seven representing the new op-

By Jack Lotto WESTBURY, N. Y., July

“Right now.” he added. “a

how the multibillion-dollfr pro gram “serves, can be made to) erve, or does not serve the na- . tional interest.” Tax-Trial Cooper to Run The Senate is expected to act | on the resolution next week.| | K k The measure calls for a report Judge Shot | n entuc y al by Jan. 31. a

The Foreign Relations Com- To Death Ike S Request mittee would be |

erating group headed by O. Roy’! Chalk and Morris Fox. Chalk, a New York financier, and Fox, | a Washington trucker, both are| also lawyers and took part in| tne discussions.

Fox arrived at the session in

assisted by outside experts who, Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) said, “have | no axes to grind.” He said the investigation would he con-| ducted wholly independently of |

“We know that you must be N : very much concerned and per- GOP Nominates haps afraid of a trap,” she said. Ex-Senator After He (“Please believe us when we

tell you, with every bit of sin-

Announces Willingness cerity at our command, that the police have given us their

St. Louis Jurist Believed to Have Killed Himself


the Colorado Building offices of | tue Administration. Edmund L. Jones, CTC counsel, | at 10 a. m. and announced that

the signing of tbe contract could be expectedemomentarily.|

The long - awaited signing} would climax more than a year | of mounting transit problems: that have beset Washington) since CTC operators went out on strike last year. A dispute over the strike led to congres- sional action lifting the CTC franchise

Sale of CTC’s transfer of them to the new firm, D. C,. Transit System, Inc., hinges on the issuance of a new franchise by Congress and approval of holders of two- thirds of CTC stock.

Attorneys for the Transit company between spurts of work on the agreement yester- day. busied themselves writing a proxy statement concerning the sale which will be sent to stockholders before their meet ing Aug. 3

The agreement transfer of CTC assets to the T. C. A. Investing Co., a sub sidiary of Chalk’s Trans Carib- bean Airlines. for $13,540,000 The investment firm would pay $9.6 million cash and liquidate the balance in 15 annual pay- ments of about $200,000 each. |

The CTC was represénted by Jones and Joseph Glicksteih J. A. B. Broadwater. president, and E. Cleveland Giddings, vice president, also sat in on the ses- sions.

Attorneys for the new opera- tors. in addition to Chalk and Fox themselves. were Edward F. Colladay, D. C. Colladay, Har- vey M. Spear, Emil Rogers and Theodore |. Seamon. Spear was identified as legislative counse] of the new and as-yet-unincor- porated D. C. Transit System. and Rogers as genera! counsel for Chalk’s airline

LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 7 # word that they will not inter- The Senate has rejected a} _ _ |John Sherman Cooper, a Re-fere with our attempt to get Republican proposal to create! ST. LOUIS, July 7 #—U. S. | publican strong man in Demo- the baby back.

(Picture on Page A-2)

By Jim McNamare. Stal! Pholocrapher

By the Beautiful Sea

—Rehoboth Beach. For more color photo- graphs of Washingtonians having a wonder- ful time at the Delaware resort, see FP. Fl.

Yeareld Dianne Magee, daughter of Mr. | and Mrs. James W. Magee of Washington, | plays in the biggest sandpile she’s ever seen

Heuse Group Counsel

assets and

calls for

, :

made arrangements to meet Mrs. Weinberger at a nearby rendezvous. However, Mrs, Weinberger met no one when she drove to the appointed spot.

All Faiths Cooperate

Catholic, Protestant and Jewish clergymen immediately voiced willingness to go along with the Weinbergers’ appeal that the churches and syna- gogues be left open as a haven where the baby could be left.

Mrs. Weinberger begged the kidnaper to make use of the collection box in any church as a means of making contact, if he fears a trap. She appealed:

“Tomorrow being Sunday, all the churches will be open. Many people will be in at- tendance at the services of churches of every religion. The priests, ministers and rabbis have promised cooperation. Please use the church and the clergymen anywhere tomorrow in making contact with us.

“Drop a note in the collection box. You will not be detected that way.


Fourth of July Weather Bomb

Record Rain of 1.23 Inches in Minute Claimed for Unionville, Md., Storm





Men.: Worm, thundershowers

minute rainfalls of 0.65 meas-, Unionville is about 12 miles ured during a storm at Opids northeast of Frederick and Camp, Los Angeles County,|about 33 miles northwest of Calif... on April 5, 1926, and | Baltimore. 0.69 inch in a storm on July| Basements and streets were 10. 1955, near Jefferson, Iowa. flooded during the storm. Mrs. Total precipitation for the Von Elff, wife of the weather | 3 | United vane July 4 storm during which the observer at Unionville, said, “It | od | The House Committee on U cloudburst record was set was enane so hard the gutters | |American Activities yesterday | republic 3.60 inches, which fell in just and rainspouts on a warehouse | e ' less than nine hours, from 2:47 building were unable to take an | Also called for re ae p. m. to 11:30 p. m. (EST), Engel-|the water, which cascaded off ae ba : “4 rea PA nb rgperwe | te apse hs - rit ague e , w . soley Sg Rg Pe A pe oy Mg ; he sontiibaied secretly to| York World Telegram and Sun)

Most of the rainfall, or 2.84 The rainstorm was the heav- | | ay inches fell during the 50-min-|iest for the Unionville area - port alleging widespread|who has protested that the re “blacklisting” of the entertainmen

BALTIMORE, July 7 # What appears to be a new world record rainfall was set at Unionville. Frederick County, last Wednesday when 1.23 inches of rain \vas measured in one minute.

Howard H. Engelbrecht, state climatologist uf the U.S Weather Bureau here, reported the record rainfa!’l today after extensive investigation of the July 4 cloudburst

Pending a thorough investi- gation, Engelbrecht said, the ‘measurement made in the of-

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'closed doors Wednesday in con-| nection with its investigation of n.| the report which was issued 12 days ago by the Fund for the

By Vincent J. Burke


a commission which would District Judge Rubey M. Hulen, cratic Kentucky, finally yielded Ciges Exhausted for United States Senator. | went in front of the cameras to sional auspices. ‘Truman Administration of-| A nudge from President Ei-|record the television appeal, \ficials, died on the operating to to give up his post as Ambassa- ete arouse ne ray hed dor to India. ‘worship as a place where t Plush Home clude the “proper “ehjectivess| emer tan name | re ° | came less than four hours after |tervention an indication that he hausted all clues, issued a ~ | N d ini id, . den hat th Yields Major Tennessean Name the United States to extend aid,| ae eas than four hours after |i “Gofnite plans to seek re- denial that the family had re : tions to make effective use of , 1) ~ : fy | practiced marksmanship. clincher to land Cooper on the afternoon. Officials said what ope uspec ts or D. C. School Probe « assistance they receive. He had been given prelim- Republican ticket in Kentucky. Was thought to be a second con- By Wendell Bradley states that “since the incep- inary treatment at St. Louis er at 55, will oppose the Demo- jon of foreign aid programs,’ County Hospital and rushed to rats former Gov. Lawrence W.| The first phone call received Narcotics Squad detectives Stat Reporter » , from the abductor on Friday on place in the world situation , ' res t “maior vin! A 57-yearold Russian-born:toward education, Including 9 gency operation. He died while Senate seat of the late Alben have arrested two I and in the relative strength of W. Barkicy. Four years remain : , first contact made between the rying on a wholesale business named yesterday as chief coun-| schools. | friendly toward the United) Judge Hulen, who physicians Teaming with him in a sec- family and the party who stole in heroin in a plush private Se! for a House inquiry into; Davis, an outspoken foe of States at County Hospital said was ond Senate race will be Thrus- Latet ill cover “the entire oper-| Programs have had a hard time ; ho Westb July 4 TI ‘ked up Fri-| delinquency in the District. oo - . . , .| been given a blood transfusion W%° quit as Assistant Secretary Some at Westoury July 4. As ee por gt ned a “a G Petes ' q lation of the schools” and said!" Congress. Only on Friday R of State to run against Sen.| It was revealed that the sec tive Sgt. Joseph A. Gabrys said,'ber of Memphis was announced «+4 whatever extent that may|Mittee called for an investiga-| second hospital. ; on a commissioner's .warrant)by Rep. James C. Davis (D-Ga.), 4. involved in the operation of tion, saying that the programs| ; git A. : " ton | , in a telegram from the Am- 100 capsules of heroin at $1, Subcommittee which will con-| ' vague way and sometimes with gardener, Ivory Robertson, who '” anole ‘duct the investigation. He said| Davis said the probe should 01). ono consideration of told police the jurist was on bassador just before the Com- a} ‘including advance staff work. - lv his left f When I returned to the session of heroin are Donald among the two Democratic and | ‘ne " countries concerned volver near his left foot. Ay | (Pancake) F. Cole. 21. and three Republican Subcommit-|e reported an assistant coun- Mrs. Hulen said the judge| United States several weeks 1 oe , , No date has been set for open- . pital today f 1 physi-| in Kentucky to become a candi- waived preliminary hearing be- special meeting yesterday. The Appropriations Commit-|P! ay for a general phys : fore United States Commission- Gerber is a stocky former ing of public hearings. ee recommended foreign aid cal checkup. She said he had date for the United States A jwork about Wednesday and oni. began la : M Hul id the i because I was the appointee ss Gri rf adi 2 A t Sunday be|' Mrs. Hulen said the judge Miss Gray was released ©n and county posts during the re | added that he will have to start held to i 920 000. ‘aie on told her that he would re- and representative of the Pres- der $4000 bond tical boss, Edward H. Crump.’ a % wy In the raid on the First at He said he “wholeheartedly ac.iot the schools. “I don't like to on the foreign aid-authorization | Ser drawer where he kept it had obligations to him as well , ‘measure recommended a ceil-/because he didn’t want any-| a8 personal beliefs about my cepted” the appointment and)... talking about,” he com- “plush and modernistic nar-'promised to “undertake to ented ' “T had Soo gn coties squadmen seized 119 . Eisenhower had asked about) She said he then took the ae eames revolver to the spot in the yard,|President about my work and prejudice.” prise,” Gerber said. Davis de- the wundercovermen, Gabrys . oe pt eam Py —- h saicd He said he “will endeavor to | clared Gerber had been recom- Subcom-|where he occasionally prac- part. to make/ticed shooting at squirrels and|) “Yesterday, the President : , st pengyne cn pete Gerber firmly declined to golray (D-Tenn.), whose district is|“S TePOTt 07 @ § uy ers, reported they found a sofa bevond his prepared statement’ ea " his jarmament proposals , with Zebra-striped upholstery,' -,°.. ; adjacent to Memphis ‘been told to deliver it prior to recent trial of Matthew J. Con-|the Congress ®f great import- | Davis said other subcommit- The Rules Com- nelly, Appointments Secretary ance, and that he would be See RAID, Page A-15, Col. 3 |vestigation and his attitudes See SCHOOL, Page A-15, |tional $32,000 for the study; the|and T. Lamar Caudle, former jfor the United States Senate, if ‘subcommittee previously ob-)head of the Justice Depart- this was desired in Kentucky IE Bsn fraud the Government. desires to nominate me.” | Resort Weather | 78 to 82 phon. Scottered Anti-Defamati ’s Counsel fi-Vetamation les Uou report and former editor of in a closed hearing. After he was subpenaed last week Cog- question him about “confiden- tia! sources of information.”

to weeks of urging today and study the aid program under “"° presided during the con-| 7 ; ee , ' ‘accepted his party's nomination; Only a few hours before she Administration and Congres spiracy trial of two former top P —_ re Areas Outlined senhower swayed Cooper at the the Weinbergers a 7 - | table today after he had been|11th hour from his reluctance all religious denominations to S ied | ; pecific areas to be studied! ¢ounq shot in the yard of his| . eal State Republican leaders! baby might be left. clude the “proper objectives | The 61-year-old jurist’s death|drew from the President's in-| Police, who have virtually ex- of foreign aid, the capability of and the capacity of other ne-|.. election. Such assurances, they ceived a second phone call from | pacity er B®! his yard where he occasionally theorized. might have been athe alleged abductor Friday A preamble to the resolution ooper, a vigorous campaign- tact turned out to be a false ! alarm. Stall Reporter By Jack Eisen | fundamental changes have tak-| Barnes Hospital for an emer-| Wetherby in November for the hiked the ransom demand from lators” who they said were car-\lawyer from Tennessee was racial integration in the puDlic countries both friendly and un- ‘his was in progress. n the term iret’ euahant-aabiie amen tie ; : i ' integration, said the investiga-| ‘nm recent years foreign aid " mal oe Sey fem Ss ert = home in the Northwes school conditions and juvenile & » 5 ell shot in the left temple, had'ton B. Morton of Louisville, the patio of the Weinberger The selection of William Ger-| i :egration will be investigated |the House Appropriations Com-|in an ambulance en route to the Earle C. Clements for Clem.|ond telephone caller who identi- fied himself as the kidnaper after an undercoverman bought chairmen of the House District the schools.” |have been conducted in | The judge was found by a was received Charged with sale and pos- the choice was unanimous) ‘#ke from one to three months,'1),. needs of the country or) nis back with a 32 caliber re-|mittee meeting. It said: Dorothy Mae Gray. Both tee members who attended a’ S¢! will be chosen to aid Gerber. | Request Cut had planned to gq@to a hos-/ag0, | was asked by my party . t er Cyril S. Lawrence yesterday. athlete who served in key city’ Gerber said he will begin'..ending in the fiscal year|not been ill. Senate. On June 2 | declined, $1500 bond, and Cole held un- ai; " i « i. ; gime of the late Memphis poli-|.+ the beginning in his study Friday, Senate-House conferees Move the revolver from a dres-|ident in India and as such, house, described by police as talk when I don't know what) , ing of $4,014,575.000. President|one to get hold of it.” position, which I stated. make a fair and impartial in-| ten aribali ' capsules of heroin and 4 yestigation, free of any bias or! tbe invitation to the in-| $4.9 billion. marked $1 bill from the sale to quiry came as a “complete or vid In a separate action yester--about 50 yards southwest of the general policies and pro- day, the Rules Committee gave|the house near a wood pile,|gTams of which my work was a , ie ae ia Foreign Relations John R. Panetta and Guy W marshal the facts and Peo mended highly by several per- mittee until Jan. 31 Holeomb Jr.. who led the raid- them to the Committee /sons, including Rep. Tom Mur-| of dis-| rabbits. told me that he considered the It had| Judge Hulen presided at the support of these programs in f acceptance to discuss with| : pine-paneled basement with . . _ of jlast Sunday. newsmen his plans for the in- Col, 3 mittee also approved an addi-jto former President Truman, |pleased if I became a candidate tained $35,000. ment’s tax division, who were 1, therefore, will become a can- eonvicted of conspiring to de- didate if the Republican Party south erwy_||' Fund For Republic Report Investigated oa, : : showers, worm 6 | . oy ° s b House ‘Blacklist’ Probers Subpena the Catholic magazine, Com- monweal, will be questioned ley protested that it is not “right” fer the committee to In wives 2 the inquiry, Committee Chairman Francis

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ute period from, 2:47 to 3:37|since May 21, 1942, when a left-wingers in| port made “false” charges p water (D-Pa.) asserted the ‘ficial Weather Bureau record p. n:.. Engelbrecht added, and total of 2.90 inches of rain fell t world. against him, .report “levels very grave ‘ing rain gage operated by G./included the record one-minute|in one hour and 4.80 inches for’ The committee said the wit-| The og ny oo af charges against organizations Plitt von Eiff at Unionville, will |fall »which occurred between|the 24hour period ending at ness, Arnold Foster of New Tuesday when ys og oF ne! See LIST, Page A-l5, Col. 4 shatter the priveous record one-'3:23 and 3:24 p. m. 5 p. m. on May 22. | York, will be questioned behind Baldwin, N. Y. author o '

4 A

a |





‘4 my

‘. ry

THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD 2 Sunday, July 8 1956 pit

Rep. Dodd to Oppose

Bush in Connecticut

———® HARTFORD, Conn., July 7 (INS)}—Rep. Thomas J. Dodd re-|

ceived the Connecticut nomina- tion for Senator today to op- pose Sen. Prescott S. Bush.

The 49-year-old Hartford law. yer won uncontested approval of the Democratic State Con- vention which concluded a two- day session today. ;

Dodd's name was offered to the 1700 delegates by Gov. Abraham A. Ribicoff, who was defeated in the 1952 senatorial race by Bush, a 60-year-old fin- ancier renominated last month.

The convention also elected #@ National Convention dele-' gates, pledged to Adlai Steven-' son, including Ribicoff, Chester! Bowles, former Governor and ‘Ambassador to India; former) Sen. William Benton and State Democratic Chairman John M.) Bailey.

A state platform. becordesats |ing strong labor and civil rights | planks, was adopted. It included high praise for Gov. Ribicoff's failure” when the old court- antispeeding program of auto-

matic license suspension. Union Deties State Suit bomaed 300 tienee stuck” and)

Dodd, a former Nuernberg eye . war crimes prosecutor complet- | G Utilit Strik ing his second congressional). ni as y e

term, promised to expose “big|' money and big business” con-| trol in the Eisenhower Admin istration.

- ‘Steel Strike to Idle 40,000 Coal Miners

PITTSBURGH, July 7 (INS) | Pennsylvania Labor Secretary,{continue for the duration of off applies to all affected, only The economic paralysis of the to estimate that compensation the steel strike. : ‘the lower echelons would take |

—— poten “yh yh payments in the state may| In @ move to compensate for advantage of it. tightened its hold on transpor-|Teach $1 million a week if the the loss of pay, the company; Earlier this week PRR laid tation and construction. strike drags on. bam § grant Ry < Re more P= ee = . month for those a ause of cu en cnthtetnns dead en| _ rorquate reported that 7000 | py the slash. It was under-| due to the Nation-w steel

oe onl nee = appteaions ter jobless benefits|stood that although the time strike. ave n . .

seph F. Finnegan, who said he

will contact both sides some| The Railroad Retirement

tiem next week. ‘Board estimated that rail in- Meantime, an estimated 40,- \dustry layoffs since July 1

000 coal miners in western reached 40,000 to 50,000

a ~~ 2 ae Virginia p .

an entuc will join some Pennsylvania ilroad

65,000 workers across the Na- y : Railr

ton who have been idled by Cuts Non-Union Pay

ithe walkout. __ PHILADELPHIA, July 7 @ United States Steel Corp. and The Pennsylvania Rallway to-

Jones > a Steel an-\day ordered a 10 per cent pay STORY & CLARK GEORGE STECK

associated Press | DOUnced they were closing their|cut for all non-union employes CHICKERING MASON & HAMLIN

mines Monday night, when the of the company as an economy

Fatally Shot bituminous coal industry's an-| move in the steel strike. MH. M. CABLE WINTER STEINWAY

ys ‘nual 10day vacation period| ‘The cut applied to about 7000| “UMLITZER HUNTINGTON STIEFF M. Hulen, who presided at a | Only the 2200 miners at/hourly paid employes, from

/United States Steel's Robena recent conspiracy trial of two | pit, the company’s largest, Selidcen, Wks compen , hw E30 RD A Nw’ s - ee former Truman administra. (continue to stockpile coal. ‘that the cut went into oteet | ; % ap | tion officials, died shortly Unlike the 650,000 strikers, | jase Sunday, July 1, and will) !3th&G Sts NW. . 9332 Ge. Ave., 5. 5. 5169 Lee Hwy., Ari, STerling 3-9400 JUniper 5-1105 Kenmore 8-5060




Plus Hauling Charges

after he was found shot in (the furloughed miners will be the head, in the back yard of | °!!8!die for unemployment com-|

: | pensation. his suburban St. Louis home. |" zogmin unemp} on8 (Stery on Page 1.) R ployment Clock Is Ambitious

| Prompted John R. Torquato, SIOUX FALLS, S. D. ssriking here called it “a


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SAVE MONEY ge 78 oars

NO MONEY DOWN Phene ST. 3-5500

Our Switchboard Is 24 Hours « Day, y Dove 2 wosk, Yen;

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anh expert Ro obtie. and heating requirements at ATION on your part. We Specielize in Hot Water and Warm Air Heating Systems

Jou G. Wasstm

627 F St., Across From Hecht's

striking example of mechanica] |

ST. LOUIS, July 7#—Defiant | against @ unien for each day “\strikers approved mass picket-|that it strikes & public ing of Laclede Gas Co. proper utility after state seisure. . ties and gave their negotiating

Jenner Cool to Bid committee a vote of confidence West Coase Airline Of ‘Independent Plan’ today after the State of».

f " Missouri filed suit to collect Pilots Set Walkout

CHICAGO, July 7 —A $35,000 in fines for their refusal} CHICAGO, July 7 %~—Clar- move to place “conservative’'to return to work under a ence president of the independent electors on the seizure order. | Airline Assn today an- ° Nov. 6 ballot in Illinois ran into; The two actions came at a nounced that @ strike of pilots:


difficulties today. ‘union meeting. Previously the on West Coast Lines, Inc.

The movement, called the In- picketing had been by small been set for 11:58 p. m. (PST) dependent Elector Plan of Illi-'groups. The strike started Wedn . West Coast tis a) nois, was circulating petitions local se line in Idaho, Ore- under the names of Sen. Wil- liam Jenner (R-Ind.) for Presi- dent and Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D.- |Va.) for Vice President.

But Jenner said he had no in-' company’s attitude as arrogant. | &™@™. terest in the idea. And the chief/Ht said the union had’ made “4ting clerk of the Illinois Secretary'six propdsals in an effort to 4am. 11. of State's Index Department/reach a settlement but that the said Jenner's name could not/firm had rejected all of them. be placed on the ballot without; The court suits, filed under his written consent. ja state law banning strkes in

“I'm not a candidate for any-|public utilities, seek penalties thing.” Jenner said at his home/|of $10,000 each for failure to in Bedford, Ind. “I'm a United| report fer ~wock: jestaccdepay States Senator and I'm going | against ae ota 8 the

, . to finish out my term.” His term) union. Fines o each are

Baggy oom Eisenhower's pestel cagee Se Sass, expires in 1958 sought agaianst five union of- rate increase apparently is some publications had already ) A doomed in the Senate's adjourn- notified him they wished to tes-| Under the Plan the electors ficials, including Appelbaum. M4 ment rush, but may be revived tify against proposed increases|Would be in a position to sup-|fine of $10,000 may be sought and passed next year, an in-in second<lass mail rates im-|port other possible candidates; {urmed source said yesterday. | posed by the House bill, which| than Senators Jenner and Byrd.

A member of the Senate Post- went even further than the Ad- office Committee told the ministration asked. College CoP Group United Press that the $430 mil-| The House bill, approved by Supports St -

Another Godfrey in Radio Concluding a week of broadcasting his shows from North- ern California, Arthur Godfrey offers some mike advice

te his son, Richard, at radio station KCBS, in San Francisco. Young Godfrey is sports director of the station.

Bill to Hike Postal Rates

Is Doomed, Senator Says

By Herbert Foster United Press


Now is the time to 1 Ges

ef VILLAGE and VER- NON IN Mevie Diree- tory. VILLAGE Ava Gardner in “BHOWAN) JUNCTION” , 22, ba, Ba



Ava Gardner in “BHOWANI JUNCTION” 1:45, 4:18, 6:60, 9:22


Unusual eppertunity fer 2 men with @ 7\-yeerold ne- tionwide organization with offices in 100 cities afl ever


Soft rayon chiffon subtly

4 .. pleated for figure flattery. Bodice accented with hemstitching detail. Under- lined with full rayon taffeta slip. Black, navy, also white polka-dots on navy & black.

a a a a

m be « . Sa Fa AS

i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ~~

117 BO... «66 OA. 60108

lion annual increase approved'a 217-to-165 vote would nearly by the House Friday “will never wipe out the c get through” the Senate unless| Department d Congress stays in session much been run longer than it now plans. Au-\4 year.

gust 3 is the adjournment tar-| It would raise first<lass mail get from 3 to 4 cents and airmail

But he said “we'll probably/from 6 to 7 cents an ounce.

do something next session.”| Rates on second<lass mail— This would require introduction | newspapers and mag

of a new bill which also would) would go up 30 per cent over a have to pass the House again. | five-year period for reading mat-

cit which has ut $470 million

The Senator said, “I find no ter and 120 per cent for the ad-|

enthusiasm” for the bill which vertising part of the publica- would increast the cost of first- tion. The Administration had class mail and air mail a penny requested only two annual 15 an ounce. |per cent increases.

nic Postoffice |

Associated Press | A group of college-age Repub licans yesterday launched a youth movement to nominate ‘Harold E. Stassen for Vice Pres-|

‘ident—or as head ame GOP) ENJOY a ticket if President nhower |

doesn't run again. HOME TRIAL | The campaign was announced

iby H. Brooks Baker, next year'sift at No Cost lundergraduate student body president at Trinity College, \Hartford, Conn. He said it was isupported by about 100 other

|young people in the Washing- ton area representing over 30




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He added that the Committee; It also would increase third-; would almost certainly need to/class mail rates to bring in ee eee = hold lengthy hearings before)|other $77 million a year. Although the group described itself as “the Young Americans for Eisenhower First and Stas

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isen Second Movement,” its leaders said they had no formal organization. The group's state- ment added that if such an or- ganization should come into be- ing “it will be guided and fi-

enced persons.”

In calling for the nomination of Stassen, President Eisenhow- er’s disarmament adviser, the group's vice chairman, Arthur J. Phelan Jr., said it has become “more and more obvious” that there is “a tremendous lack of confidence and belief” in Vice President Nixon.

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3 Lose Lives in Maryland Smashup of Auto and Truc

Three persons were killed** * and three injured early yester- day when the car in which' they were riding side-swiped a, tractor4railer truck on Route |

301 in Upper Marlboro, Md. Prince Georges County police listed the dead as Buster Ru- fus Mitchem, 32, Newark, N. J.. and Lucille Ravall, 32, and

Washington Area

Traffic Toll

Deaths Deaths

threugh threesgh

—_ ; July 7 Alexandria Arlington District Falis Church Fairfax Montgomery 8&8 Pr. Georges 32


a | Suvsohanmed

Area total 80 192

——_____ - a

a three-year<old girl whose last name is Mitchell, both of New York City

All died of head injuries, ac- cording to Dr. James 1. Boyd. Prince Georges County Medical Examiner. Mitchem, the driver. aiso had a crushed chest.