¢ To Install Spider-Man, insert the game CD into your CD-ROM drive. If Autoplay is enabled, the Installer splash screen should appear. When the Installer splash screen appears, click on the Install button.

For online help, Electronic Registration, and extras, click the More button.

Uninstall Spider-Man shortcut: If you wish to remove Spider-Man from your hard drive, you should always use the shorcut from the Start Menu. The Uninstall Spider-Man option will remove all game files except your saved games and personal settings.

Note: You can return to the splash screen at any time without affecting your installed game.


If the Spider-Man splash screen does not appear, try performing the following steps:

Double-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop, or right-click on the icon and choose the Open option.

Select the Refresh option located in the View Pull-down Menu.

Double-Click on the Spider-Man CD icon in the window or right-click on the icon and choose the Autoplay option.

eres the Spider-Man splash screen appears, click on the Install button.

If the Autoplay feature does not function, please check the following: e Make sure the CD is clean and properly placed in the CD-ROM drive.

e Your CD-ROM driver may not be optimized for use with Windows®. To verify this, perform the following steps:

1. Open the Windows Control Panel folder and double-click on the System icon.

2. Click on the Performance tab. If any of your hardware drivers are not fully optimized for use with Windows, they will be listed here with an explanation of the exact problem and suggestions on how to fix it.

Windows may not be set up to Autoplay CD's. To check, perform the following steps:

¢ Open the Windows Control Panel folder and double-click on the System icon.

e Click on the Device Manager tab. Click on the Plus sign next to CD-ROM, select your CD-ROM and choose Properties.

e Click on the Settings tab. Insert a checkmark in the box to the left of the Auto Insert Notification and select OK.

Q: | already have other Windows games installed on my computer. Will the Microsoft DirectX Installer change my DirectX files?


During the Spider-Man setup, the install process will determine if Microsoft® DirectX needs to be installed on your computer. If so, the A: If you already have other Windows games on your computer, Microsoft DirectX Setup Program will install the appropriate files on chances are you already have the initial version of DirectX

additional information. overwrite any previous versions with DirectX 8. At that point, you

Gy Wha fe DireekX 8 and why. doT need it? | fen need to a aa ae for as changes to take effect. A: Microsoft's DirectX 8 is a set of functions that give Windows games a Popo Weel, yOu oe pireces © lnstaee Ae Re a alice aitinc thal Oona 'Ties functions allel computer, the Microsoft DirectX 8 Installer will detect it and not Pere P ; overwrite any DirectX 8 files. You may not need to restart your applications to perform advanced functions in networking, computer after installation in order to run Spider-Man graphics, sound and input, beyond what's possible on other

operating systems. It also accounts for many of the performance gains associated with Windows games.

Q: If | don’t install DirectX 8 when | install the game, can | install it later?

A: Yes. You can manually install it. To do so, use the following instructions:

e Place the disc in the CD-ROM drive and exit from any Autoplay screens.

e Double-click on My Computer. { ¢ Right-click on your CD-ROM drive and choose Install DirectX. ; ¢ Follow the installation process. When DirectX installation |

finishes, you will need to restart your computer for the new drivers to work.


PLAYER CONTROLS DESCRIPTION BUTTONS Jump jump Num 2, Joystick button 3

press once to punch Num 4

Punch enemies or multiple times Joystick button 0 for combos press once to kick enemies Num Kick or multiple times Joystick button 4 for combos Web Trap trap opponents or Num 8

activate switches Joystick button 1

Num 2 then Num 4 Joystick button 3 then button 0

Num 2 then Num 6

perform jump move then punch when close to an enemy

Jumping Punch

perform jump move then

Jumping Kick kick when close Joystick button 3 then to an enemy button 4 Grab grab opponents from Num 4 then Num 8 or

Num 8 + Num 6, Joystick 1 + Joystick 0 or Joystick 4 + Joystick 1


Grab and Punch Num 4 then Num 8 or

Num 8 + Num 6 then Num 4, Joystick 1 + Joystick O-or Joystick 4 + Joystick 1 then Joystick 0

perform grab move then punch move


Grab and Kick

BUTTONS Num 4 then Num 8 or

perform grab move then

Pee Num 8 + Num 6 then " Num 6, | Joystick 1 + Joystick 0 or Joystick 4 + Joystick 1 then Joystick 4 Web Spikes creates spiked gloves Num 8+ made of webbing Joystick 14+ © creates shield dome Num 8+7

Web Dome

made of webbing Joystick 1+ >

break web dome and attack enemies

Break Web Dome Num 8 + > then

Num 4 or Num 6, Joystick 1+ > then Joystick 0 or Joystick 4

7 Impact Webbing shoot a ball of webbing Num 8+, 7 Joystick 1+ 4% Web Yank trap enemies in webbing Num 8+ ¥, and pull them Joystick 1+ Num8+V+4+€, Web Yank Left pull enemies left joystick 14-5 & Web Yank Right pull enemies right Num 8+ +, Joystick 1+V+73 Web Swing shoot web and Num 9, swing forward Joystick 9


Zip-line shoot a web-line straight Num 3, up or directly opposite Joystick 7 Web Target Mode hold down to target and Num 7 tap to recenter camera Joystick 6 Palic pause game and access Esc, gone Options menu Joystick 12


Choose from the following options to begin playing Spider-Man.


Choose this option to start a new game.


Choose this option to continue from the ~ level you last completed. avir @ALLERY





Use this screen to modify several game = 2 ih 3


up/down and the Enter key to accept. MURS AND SAumD

Press the Esc key to return to the Main ae.

efi dmetthie te


Keyboard Configuration: Choose this option to set your keyboard bindings for the game. Use the Directional Arrows up/down and the Enter key to select a move, then press the key you want to bind it to. Press the Esc to go back to the Options screen.

Joystick Configuration: Choose this option to set up your joystick. Select a move from the list using the Directional Arrows up/down and the Enter key, then press the button on your joystick or gamepad that you want to bind it to. Press the Esc key to go back to the Options menu.

Music and Sound: This screen allows you to change the volume of Music and Sound Effects, Voices, and Movies in the game. Move the Directional Arrows up/down to toggle between Music and Sound Effects, Voices, and Movie levels. Move the Directional Arrows left/right to raise and lower the volume of each selection and toggle the audio output between stereo and mono. To return to the game's original levels, select Initial Settings and press the Enter key.

Video Options: Choose this option to change your video resolution and bit depth. Press the up or down arrows to select an item and press the left or right arrows to change it’s value. Press Esc to go back to the options screen.

File System: Choose this to load/save your games. Press the appropriate buttons to select the following options:

¢ Load Game Data: To load a previously saved game.

¢ Save Game Data: To save your current game. You will be required to name your saved game.

Press the Enter key to select or the Esc key to go back from the file system screen. When you load or save you will have to specify the file to load or save. Press the directional arrows up/down to choose a slot and then press Enter to accept.


There are four different levels of gameplay to be found in Spider- Man. The three traditional skill levels are:

Easy: Novice game players should choose this difficulty level. More clues are present to solve puzzles. Enemies take less damage to subdue, and Spider-Man can absorb much more punishment than on Normal and Hard difficulty levels.

Normal: A step above Easy, this difficulty level will present the average game player with more of a challenge.

Hard: For extreme Spidey-players only! Even the seasoned Spider-Man veteran will find this mode more than challenging!

A special difficulty mode has been implemented to please young gamers.

Kid Mode: For children who want to explore the various levels of Spider-Man, Kid Mode allows them to do so with the controls configured for young hands and the gameplay customized to allow easy passage through each level.


Spider-Man's Health

Web Fluid Left in Web

Total Number of Web Cartridges


The Heads-Up Display, or HUD, for Spider-Man is fairly simple. Spider- Man's health is represented by a horizontal bar that runs across the top of the screen. For webbing, the vertical bar registers how much web fluid is left in the web cartridge that Spider-Man is currently using. The number just to the right of this bar tells you the total number of web cartridges Spider-Man is carrying.

In the lower right hand corner is the Spidey-Compass. Occasionally the Spidey-Compass will appear in order to show you the direction you should be heading through the city, with up corresponding to “Forward” and down corresponding to “Back.”


Within the game there will be a number of power-ups to aid Spider- Man in his mission. Each power-up has a different function, listed below. To obtain a power-up, run, crawl, or use your zip-line to make contact with it. If Spider-Man has reached his holding capacity for a certain item, the power-up will become transparent when you make contact with it. Here are some of the power-ups to be found in the


Web-Cartridges (Blue): Each web attack Spider-Man does (see Spider-Man’s Moves section) will remove a portion of your overall webbing. Before you run out of webbing you'll need to pick up a new web cartridge. Web cartridges allow Spider-Man to execute his web attacks. Under normal conditions Spider-Man can carry up to ten web cartridges at any time.

Health (Red and White): Health cartridges serve to restore a portion of Spider-Man's health throughout the game. Be careful however, you'll never know just how much a particular health cartridge will restore you. Play wisely to conserve your health.

Armor (Gold): This rare power-up will change the costume and properties of Spider-Man for a brief time in the game. When you collect this power-up Spider- Man’s suit will change to its armored configuration. The Spidey-Armor has its own health bar, so it will take damage and leave Spider-Man unharmed. However, normal health cartridges will not work on Spidey-Armor, so be careful. Once its meter runs out, Spidey-Armor disappears and Spider- Man returns to normal. Also, Spidey-Armor increases the amount of damage Spider-Man does to his opponents while reducing the amount of damage an enemy can do to him.

Helper Icons: These icons will appear as an aid for less experienced players. The icons will inform you of anything from how to use your web to hints on how to solve some of the puzzles found in the game. To activate the helper icon simply walk through it.

Note: Some helper icons will seem to disappear without being activated. This only means that you have already performed the task it was intended to teach you.


Need to fine-tune your superhero skills? The training mode offers the opportunity to test out your crime-fighting skills in a number of different training environments.


Instant action combat for either 60 or 120 seconds. Hone your fighting skills by eliminating as many villains as you can within the selected amount of time. You will also select the villain you will fight against. Use the Directional Arrows up/down to select both the time limit and type of enemy. Press the Enter key to confirm your selection.


Survival mode is the ultimate test. No time limit, just an endless amount of foes to battle against. Once Spider-Man's health bar runs out, the fight is finished!

In Survival Mode there is also the opportunity to select the type of villain you will fight against. Use the Directional Arrows up/down to highlight both the time limit and type of enemy. Press the Enter key to confirm your selection.


Web-swinging is as important to Spider-Man as walking. Speed Training mode allows you to practice your web swinging through different parts of the city. The better you become at web swinging, the lower your time will be.


Learn to determine friend from foe while sharpening your reflexes using Spider-Man’‘s web-attacks.


Test maneuverability, reflexes, and timing in either Item Hunt or Zip-Line Training modes.

Item Hunt: Practice your maneuverability in the labyrinthine Item Hunt area. Run, jump, crawl and web-swing in order to collect all of the gold Spider-Medallions as quickly as possible in order to get the best time.

Zip-Line Training: For the more daring game player. Test out your timing and accuracy in this mode. Descend from the ceiling by pressing the Jump button to pick up as many Spider-Medallions as possible. Then use Zip-Line webbing by pressing the Zip-Line button to return without touching the deadly electrified floor. More medallions mean a higher score.

= = _


Only those who really know what it means to be a superhero make it into the Records. Use the Directional Arrows up/down to highlight a specific set of records. Press the Enter key to confirm the selection. To exit, press the Esc key.

SPECIAL costumes

Spider-Man hasn’t always worn the familiar red and blues that most people ROSTUME'VIEWER know. Over the years of being a fivinnawan] Ay fe superhero there have been times whena_ ff different suit was necessary to overcome certain challenges. In the game, some suits are better adapted than others to the many challenges that Spider-Man must face. Locate these costumes and use their special abilities to more easily overcome Spider-Man's adversaries.


See a list of all the people responsible for bringing Spider-Man to life. Select View Credits and press the Enter key to confirm. The Esc key can be pressed at any time to exit.


Input any game cheats that have been discovered here. Type in the cheat code with the keyboard and press the Enter key to confirm the code. To correct any mistakes press backspace and to exit from this menu press Esc.


The character viewer will let you become more acquainted with the people in Spider- Man’s world. Included with each character is a short biography and narrative, as well as when he, she, or it first appeared in comic books. Any listing that contains a question mark (?) is unavailable until unlocked from within the game.

As you progress through the game, more and more characters will become available for viewing. To operate the Character Viewer, use the Directional Arrows up/down to scroll through your available choices, then press the Enter button to select. Using the Directional Arrows left/ right will allow you to rotate the image of your selected character 360 degrees. Pressing the Numpad + and Numpad - respectively will allow you to zoom in or out on the character you have selected.

Press the Esc key to exit the Character Viewer.



This feature will allow you to view any of the movies that you have unlocked during the course of gameplay. As you progress through the game, more movies will become available for viewing. Use the Directional Arrows up/down to scroll through your available choices, then press the Enter key to select. Any listing that contains a question mark (?) is unavailable until unlocked from within the Game.

Press the Esc key to exit the Movie Viewer.


Hidden throughout the game are a number ~ Gal ee of icons that resemble comic books. These iS icons can be in plain view, or they may require a bit of exploration to uncover. Once collected, the icon will unlock a real Spider-Man comic cover. These comics detail historic events in Spider-History, including a brief synopsis pointing out the highlights of that particular issue. Any listing that contains a question mark (?) is unavailable until unlocked from within the game.

Press the Esc key to exit the Comic Collection.


As the story unfolds, each chapter will be prefaced with its own comic book cover. Use the Directional Arrows up/down/left/right to highlight a cover once it’s unlocked. View the highlighted cover by pressing the Enter key. To go back, press the Esc key. Any listing that contains a question mark (?) is unavailable until unlocked from within the game.

Press the Esc key to exit Game Covers.


Storyboards allows you to view the original design art that served as the backbone, or template, for all of the movies in the game. The storyboards will unlock once the game is completed.

Use the Directional Buttons up/down to highlight the storyboard to be viewed. Press the Enter key to view that storyboard. In order to progress through the storyboards, use the Directional Buttons left/right.

Press the Esc key to exit Storyboards.



“Last time | checked, / was Spider-Man.

So there | was, attending a lecture at the Science Expo given by the now-reformed Dr. Otto Octavius (better known as Doctor Octopus). Just as Octavius finished lecturing on his latest technological innovation, the entire auditorium was thrown into chaos.

Somebody dressed to look like Spider-Man took out the security guards and stole Octavius’ new piece of technology. As if that wasn’t bad enough, | bumped into Eddie Brock during all the commotion. Since Brock is the human half of the symbiotic pair known as Venom, I'm thinking his presence at the Science Expo can only mean more trouble.

Isn’t that just my luck? Octavius’ technology has been stolen, and the police and everyone else in New York City think it was me that took it. But there has to be more to this than meets the eye. Why would someone want to steal Octavius’ technology and pin the theft on Spider-Man?

Well, | know one thing for sure: New York City is only big enough for one Spider-Man.

And that’s me.” Peter Parker New York City Yesterday...


Name: Peter Parker Age: Mid-twenties Identity: Secret

First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962)

Relatives: Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Wife), Mary & Richard Parker (Parents—Deceased), Benjamin Parker (Uncle—Deceased), May Parker (Aunt), Anna Watson (Aunt)

Affiliates: Avengers (reserve member) Occupation: Photographer at the Daily Bugle

Friends: Harry Osborn (Deceased), Gwen Stacy (Deceased), Flash Thompson, Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Liz Allen Osborn, Betty Brant, Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Enemies: Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Carnage, Electro, Vulture, Sandman, Lizard, Mysterio, Kingpin, Chameleon, Kraven, Scorpion, and many others!

Height: 5' 10" Weight: 165 Ibs. Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown

Place Of Birth: Forest Hills, Queens New York

Usual Place Of Operations: Manhattan and all of New York.


Super-Human Strength (Class 10 = 10 Tons) ¢ Super-Human Reflexes (Similar to a Spider) e Super-Human Agility (Similar to a Spider)

e "Spider-Sense” that warns him of pending danger and gives him ability to detect signals from his Spider-Tracers

e Ability to adhere to walls and most other surfaces with his extremities


If you press jump while in mid swing, then re-engage your web swing, you can alter your course. This is called “Breaking, or Cutting Webbing.”

Use your Spider-Sense to fight multiple foes. The red arrows will point to where an enemy is located. Also, your Spider-Sense will point out the closest bad guys first.

Sometimes Zip-Line webbing can be used to save yourself from falling. Make sure there is something above you to cling to first!

Vary your attacks. Different enemies respond differently to attacks. Some have to be fought at a distance; others are not affected by impact webbing. Learn how to fight each enemy in a way that conserves both health and webbing.

Use Web-Spikes to increase your punching power considerably.

When facing multiple opponents, the Web-Dome is useful for both attack and defense.

Don't forget that you're Spider-Man! Use ceilings and overhangs to approach the bad guys with stealth.

Sometimes it’s better to run than fight. Even super heroes know when a fight can’t be won. Use discretion when confronted with some enemies.

Use the environment to your advantage. Grab your enemies and send them flying. This is especially useful in the furnace room.

Spidey may be a superhero, but he doesn’t like water. Avoid swimming at all costs!

Use combinations of punch, kick, and webbing to get more effective attacks.

Remember, many objects in your environment can be picked up and thrown by Spider-Man.

Remember to explore your environment; you never know what you might find behind a door or under some furniture.


President / Lead Programmer Mike Livesay

Lead Programmer Jason L. Maynard

Programmers Daniel Zahn Chris Robbers

Lead Artist Russell Truelove

Sound FX Matt Furniss

PUBLISHED BY Activision Publishing, Inc.

Associate Producer Peter Muravez

Producer Matt Powers

Senior Producer Marc Turndorf

Production Coordinator Jay Gordon

Art Director David Daizell

Vice President, North American Studios Murali Tegulapalle

Executive Vice President, World Wide Studios Larry Goldberg

Vice President, Global Brand Management Tricia Bertero

Brand Manager John Heinecke

Marketing Associate Matt Geyer

Senior Publicist Lisa Fields

Legal Mike Walker


Installer Andrew Petterson


Project Lead Sién Rodriguez y Gibson

Manager of PC Titles Sam Nouriani

Senior PC Lead Juan Valdes

Floor Lead Paul Kennedy

QA Testers Barry Battle Michael Restifo Peter Beal John Rosser


Project Lead Brad Saavedra

Code Release Testers Michael Sparks Jeremy Richards


Compatibility Team Lead Neil Barizo

Compatibility Technician Jason Kim

Compatibility Tester John Santry


Customer Support Leads Rob Lim, Gary Bolduc, Mike Hill

CREATIVE SERVICES Vice President, Creative Services Denise Walsh

Manager, Creative Services Jill Barry



Special Projects Mike Farah

Legal Affairs Seth Lehman

Sr. VP- Consumer Products, Promotions and Media Sales

Russ Brown Special Thanks

Ben Abernathy, Axel Alonso, Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada &

Andrew Leibowitz


Lead Programmer

Srini 'Aouie' Lakshmanan

Art Director Christian Busic

Programmers Andy Chien

Jason Bryant Biran Lawson


Paul Whitehead Miranda Collins Michael McMahan Arnold Agraviador

Additional Sound Sergio Bustamante II

Assistant Producer Jonathan Zamkoff

Executive Producer Gregory John

Quality Assurance Alan Barasch Robert Sanchez

Special Thanks To Don Likeness Dr. Pter T. Akemann

Eric Steinmann Christopher A. Busse Nick Doran

Chris Soares

James Fristrom Doris Argoud

Nigel Mills

Kevin Tomatani Rose Villasenor

Cheers To

Stan Lee

Steve Ditko

Jeff Eme

Mom and Dad

Second Foundation Comics Store


Lead Designer Chad Findley

Lead Programmer Dave Cowling

Lead Artist Chris Ward

Executive Producer Joel Jewett

Character Models and Animation Peter Day

Production Director Jason Uyeda

Programmin Kendall Harrison Matt Duncan

Level Designers Alan Flores Brian Jennings

Level Artists Chris Glenn Aaron Skillman Edwin Fong

Character Art Mark L. Scott

Producer Kevin Mulhall

Associate Producer Jeremy Andersen

Intro and Finale Movie Animation Peter Day

Game Comic Covers Christian Gosset Snakebite

Art Assistance Johnny Ow Jeremy Pardon

Technical Assistance Mick West Jason Keeney

Human Resources Sandy Jewett Lisa Davies

Dog Logan

AUDIO Tommy Tallarico Studios, Inc.

Sound Design Joey Kuras

Music Tommy Tallarico Howard Ulyate

Spider-Man Theme Song Remixed by Apollo Four Forty Written by: Robert J Harris/ Paul Webster

Published by: Hillcrest Music Corporation (ASCAP)/ Webster Music Co.(ASCAP)

Additional musical elements for the remix by Apollo Four Forty:

Trevor Gray, Noko, lan Hoxley and Howard Gray

Published by Universal - Songs of PolyGram Inernational, Inc (BMI)/ Reverb America Music (BMI)

Produced by @440 at Apollo Control

Representation by XL Talent Partnership

Music Supervision SonicFusion, Inc.

VOICE ACTING CAST FINO, ROMAN | hie ices ou Spider-Man Bank Thug 1

Sas Ageia WS attend a an aba iy Doctor Octopus

Jennifer Hale ..........0. Black Cat Mary Jane

Dee Bradley Baker......... Carnage Rhino

J Jonah Jameson


The Lizard

Datan) NOG oiilieicisled dvekied Venom Mysterio



Johnny Storm

Captain America

Chad Findley... 5... Bank Thug 2 Eagle-One Pilot Security Guard

Christopher Corey Smith elk h bins eis de ey: Satay a Wat to Hostage Police Pilot Sniper Microchip

Stan Lees ao vcd aces HIMSELF

Special Thanks to: Connor Jewett

Voice Castin Brigitte Burdine Sandy Jewett

STUDIO RECORDING California Digital Post

Studio President Del Casher

Studio Engineer John Brady

Studio Assistants Eric Clopein Kris Hanson Scott Rusch


Producer - USA Daniel Prousline

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Project Supervisor Andrei Kravchuk

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Anna Zibrova

Denis Davidov

Vasiliy Bohdanov

Elena Alekseeva

Pavel Golubev

Roman Bermas Nataliya Dobrovolskaya

Additional Movie Production Super78

Creative Director Brent Young

Executive Producer Dina Benadon

Animation Director Steve Ziolkowski

Producer Siouxsie Alarcon

CG Artist Vinny Dellay

Additional Movie Direction Larry Paolicelli

Neversoft Thanks Jamie Briant Mark Burton Aaron Cammarata Ralph D'Amato Steve Ganem Noel Hines

Gary Jesdanun Ryan McMahon Nolan Nelson Scott Pease

Silvio Porretta Chris Rausch Junki Saita Darren Thorne and You!

Activision Thanks


Todd Jefferson James Mayeda Bobby Kotick Brian Kelly

Lori Lahman Brian Bright Nicholas Favazza Nathan Lum George Rose Anjie MacDonald

Julie Thompson Stacey Drellishak Chris Archer Brian Hawkins Jim Summers Nadine Theuzillot Sam Nouriani

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Joe Favazza

Todd Komesu Jennifer Vitiello Marco Scataglini Scott Kiefer Melissa Chapman Nita Patel

Mike Muravez




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¢ Complete product title (include version number) e Exact error message reported (if any) and a brief description of the problem e Your computer’s processor type and speed (e.g. Pentium 200 MHz) e Amount of RAM e Make and model of your video and sound cards (e.g. Diamond Viper V770, Creative Sound Blaster Live Platinum) ¢ Make and model of your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive (e.g. Samsung SC-140)

¢ Operating system (e.g., Windows 95)

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- New Game Materials shall not contain modifications to any COM, EXE or DLL files or to any other executable Product files.

- New Game Materials may be created only if such New Game Materials can be used exclusively in combination with the retail ver-

sion of the Program. New Game Materials may not be designed to be used as a stand-alone product.

~ New Game Materials must not contain any illegal, obscene or defamatory materials, materials that infringe rights of privacy and publicity of third parties or (without appropriate irrevocable licenses granted specifically for that purpose) any trademarks, copy- right-protected works or other properties of third parties.

- All New Game Materials must contain prominent identification at least in any on-line description and with reasonable duration on the opening screen: (a) the name and E-mail address of the New Game Materials’ creator(s) and (b) the words “THIS MATERIAL IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION.”

LIMITED WARRANTY: Activision warrants to the original consumer purchaser of this Program that the recording medium on which the Program is recorded will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. If the recording medium is found defective within 90 days of original purchase, Activision agrees to replace, free of charge, any product discovered to be defective within such period upon its receipt of the Product, postage paid, with proof of the date of pur- chase, as long as the Program is still being manufactured by Activision. In the event that the Program is no longer available, Activision retains the right to substitute a similar program of equal or greater value. This warranty is limited to the recording medium containing the Program as originally provided by Activision and is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect has arisen through abuse, mistreatment, or neglect. Any implied warranties prescribed by statute are expressly limited to the 90-day period described above.


When returning the Program for warranty replacement, please send the original product disks only in protective packaging and include: (1) a photocopy of your dated sales receipt; (2) your name and return address typed or clearly printed; (3) a brief note describing the defect, the problem(s) you are encountered and the system on which you are running the Program; (4) if you are returning the Program after the 90-day warranty period, but within one year after the date of purchase, please include check or money order for