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Make Way for Liberty - Various Poets

Make Way for Liberty

Four aspects of warfare are explored in this stirring collection of poems written by some of the best poets of their era. The horrors of war, the valor of men in defending freedom and the remarkable patriotism and discipline evidenced in battle are all subjects of this concise collection of classic poetic narratives.

These four magnificent poems explore the concept of liberty and freedom and the individual valor and daring required to achieve a nation's common goals of independence and self-determination, despite the often dire consequences of which all involved in the struggle are too well aware but are willing and indeed eager to face.

These poems are evidence that tyranny can be conquered by those willing to make the essential sacrifice, to take the necessary risks, to stare down the specter of death and to replace their own fears with love and devotion to country.

And, yes, death will be a result but a result, despite its loss, pain and tragedy, for the common good - or in the words of poet James Montgomery, "Thus death made way for Liberty!", echoed by Tennyson's classic assertion, "Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die." - Summary by Bruce Kachuk

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