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%h Year No. 220 Phone RE. 7-1234 reo woStBeie el enceas T HL R Ss DA A Y, Jd U Ls 12, 1956 WTOP Radio (1500) TV (Ch. 9) FIVE CENTS


Robertson ~ 7 wis EN " Navy,AF (Dulles Sees | 207" Sho « Bird Party Lines


Seeks Delay 4AF | Deny Hops Russians soutn tree, July it Cyossed As

mother and - «0 "s old son were killed nere On Airport | MM Into Russia Free by 66 | 33." Boost PI i il por g - “3 | i «) LISSI al ree ih" ) ust Ag A a SOS OO0Os eas a dus Cronje's gun broke an , 11.000-volt power line on

\] Burke . Bs Statements Assert Secretary Savs which the bird was sitti#e Are lonored al . N . > > Pe ihe line fell to the ground 4 = | a o American Planes People Will Be and ignited some dry grass

, "Sete . J ; ms tT . = F . Mrs. ©. Jd. Cronje was : , Fairfax Citizens > Me : Violated Territory Lnable to Resist 5 A A la fe Administration Pins

> ates > | . = . » : : . . : Tan threw a bucket of water on Petition to Prevent Riis . | Despite Charges Rebellion Trend in a” doe alk tiie Hope on Senate;

killed when he panicked and te the fallen

Building of Any | Nixon, Dulles Cite lerminal in County | . ; P ae ys eee Be Yoeie Bid wire . et Bn . £, rhe Air Force and Navy 2 ) Danger in Cut Pt ha na : be Ry Frank R. Kent Jt a flatly denied yesterday a «. retary 6{ State John By Neil Ma Neil Po " L< > : . . T Reporter 2 | , , Russian charge that Ameri- , mr. : | | : oF S Foster Dulles predicted yes-

to postpone act mot 3f1 oh Oki eee can military planes flew % | . | il 1j y The House h inded Presi- -. a nee . lerday that within 10 years + up DULL ine fn Paes ee ‘4

the Senate Appr )pria- a Ss, . over eight Soviet cities on th , dent Eisenhower another . the Russian people will

is Committee on Presi Ye four flights last wee! | et ; foreign policy defeat yester- nt E = % | . : break the shackles of Com Stimu us ! SF pour’ ' Stet A Fisenhowel equest ¥ % The det -_ ry Ls 284 to 120

iaiss carne al : dav hs voling to

47 en munist tvrannyvy and emerece S

po tl msg deg caer , USSR note of protes as fol ss 2 “are nati : na emerge “~ | k | restrict foreign aid spend- al ) . , . ie ~ at) ; . : —* . ao « 4 < < +) e< > » ,

siruction on the proposed warded from the State Depart . " eth aC ¢ ( ing to $3.4 billion in the next rT *T BR " . \ . | ment iv the Pentagon and Ne Dulles ire lared in a e he

forecast yesterda digi x D " fully worded statement at 3s 12 months.

, ! iense ‘partment officials :

Fal as ten = | : * news conference that the trend Senate Acts (On a voice vote. the Hotise

ted looking it © matter. toward rebellion against what Amid C1 defeated a move to kill the Larlie Pec! al State fe called grievous capuvity rit large. A hole Dill

\ ‘x c f . W } DD i] > {/ >; T 2 lohn Foster Dulles told news. Wl! prove irresistible Tt Was Misled rhen, on the final ro call, iLoO?Rr! oniers if i uiies . ler / ip men he know nothing of the ihe Secretary denied Com 160 Democrats and 124 Repub- Russian charge that American ™U"'t charges that the United Associated Press licans voted for passage. Sev-

, , , ' = States ha ctly sought | _ : ct pul . Vice President Richard Nixon and Secre Airport following Nixon's return yesterday planes had made three “gross ;,.. = direc ought ‘© The Senate, amid charges that my Republicans and 50 Dem- tary of State John Foster Dulles converse from his round-the-werld tour. (Stery on ocrats voled “no

joment uprisings behind thy had , lead violations of Soviet air space Iron Curtain. « . : rae ovrmeone na tried oO “misiea in an autemeobile as they leave National Page 7.) mm, such as the Poi rt

ne sum was $1.5 billion lees » J) ° , o We he an riot its members last night side on July 4, 5 and le said he mn 0 . . than the $4.9 billion originally

was referring the Red note to lle declared the United Staies tracked a bill designed to stimu- | requested by the President. It

. : . fense Departmen! must encourage seekers « ree- lat g of . > was a full half lion under tl! "Bl: ‘kh af Smear Tactics Hit he Defense Departme r? Ss ‘ree-\late the building of ne type ; rv | half-billion unde! tne <it is

\ Pentagon spokesman late! dom behind the Iron Curtain merchant ships for the United $4 billion he told Republican

by demonstrating through its : > leaders Tuesday was the mini , Slates coastal trad . ° ° y int Ag own conduct and example the mum for which he would settle | tj ry 7 ' f a 1o : 5 “sy : vs) " »?* Se " . : Re ort ( A ed Medict ne [ seq on Ike retary for Intern tiona a5 rewards of a free society en. John J. Willams (Rf The money bill now goes to ; , /vwL Gordon Gray would “determine Dulles’ freedom-by-1966 pre Del who had voiced the the Senate where the Adminis j ; . | | the facts and rt por hme ha to di tion was the first time he chal ge told reporters later this tration aitfis Lo make its major - .s , , . _ Tors, Ras , ; : ' . re : , Ol { I c SS 2 State as Suggested a time table meant the bill is dead for this fight LO gel as close as possible , j P firs TW ai earing vo Lnited Stali Force for compietion of the changes vear to the SM billion ceiling autho Ler aca " ate vue Ps ; netelin , . } : , which he said are already rized by -Congress previously approp ul Ke W alte r Lommitiece © | ue hd = pence Blam agi reflected in the Kremlin’s new Williams the senate in separate legislation this se BIOn > . A . Presse a , , “ce | e : » : » of at 'T’>} . : rhe Eisenhower request wee Hears “Clearance Weisbaden, Germany, declar POllies toward the Russian had been given to understand) The House action was peopie and the outside world. the Eisenhower Administration marked by charges that Mr

i. ies Metete aamenitted th A hearing on the nomination of Wesley A. D’Ewart to be j,,, eause the supplemental! appro Board” Denial Assistant Secretary of Interior turned yesterday into a ony, sircrar assigned to the ne a to favored the bill, but that in wasn emne a ena im Fay ules Statement Dy evelop- , : el:

riation | vady had bee hot argument over “smear” campaign methods and the - : State rati is , pr _ a | orbs af witnesses before A 6 President Eiseni ~ th dic command of the United States ments in Moscow, including fact Administration officials 5. sn. public. There also were po d by 1 commi ireaiment oi resiaen Mennower with dicumarol, aaAw Force in Europe violated Soviet Premier Nikolai Bul opposed certain provisions on warnings that the aid cuts mav

sat , ce Un-American Activi , tre i ate : » could = % a blood anticoaguian' ° Soviet or satellite territory amend | itl de the ties mmittee yesterday ‘The issue of the President's \ir Force headquarters here

riations Committers stated Assistant Detense Sec priavion OomMmimitlee

ganin’s assertion to the Russian the ground = the) contained mean that “large numbers” of Parliament that East-West “hidden subsidies lor ship American troops will have to

reque 7 ' Live v : rime Ti f.con treatmen deveioped wh Ser) a aiso made a flat denial! \ ; » 4 , ner 4 ' , ae : » . " tension has ease lat : ;, ce sen’ overseas he to offs slice et oard” for R chara veut erger (D-Ore.) dis lke lo ( ontet spokesman said . sed ane tam @ operators \ , Ric] im . ( ice [ f

th» , ; : , e vast farce 7yone as pee n . } residen?' cn e no ; ' ' , closed he ad written forme! We do not have the Soviet P h eer Sen ndo} B lohnson sides Richa ry enter established ; Nixon, returning from an Asian

Ss bo | he Wu : | if : : ' © ' : surgeon (,eneral leonard \ % « protest st) annot comme! | on . : ; lex TT) ri leade! | pur said c its 7 | eit | ~ . measure toda mi ee ry viac ar Scheele conce rning (he afety it } a on : officially at this time liow Du les warned ths the Soviet , . Z | in ites tates s J : : s at Patt .

. ms Ne ns ent . our | . : tne Gere ine | aia a c could be disastrous Ren. Dani ry.t v auion ¢ of the use of dicumaro ever, unofficially, the Air Force, "¢W ‘00K leaves no room fo1 - me ¢ " th py * some oO © areas he Visite:

mber of | House mi lie said he had rece! . Pp PI; . can say that no USAF planes complacency in the West. He announced ut mot be Ul Secretar: tat priations ayy ye , we n » ‘a! anewer from the forme ic 0 ans have been fiving over Soviet said the free peoples still must purpose of the lteadersni ah s ties aye oe vid ir Du ft ‘© Health se ie chief which in territory. as the Soviet note is P®@) “a heavy price to protect program tnis oO agail ' a mY rogge themselves.’ Pees = vals eget epce the $15 billion slash Cabinet member 4 year until these discrepancies would undermine seriously the ri , are cleared up. and unt . Gefense programs of United states allies including uch

dicate: ie medicine is igi ‘atl su se lg —_ A the licine | highly By Edward T. Folliat upposed to claim rhe conirover;rsial . on \ Navy spokesman said “the rae Neuberger placed ti letter purported American planes “pon the Kremlin : , ? : >, * -. Tt ——- : . : ; : | which. in quoting medical au GETTYSBURG, July 11 claimed to have flown over &!ve assurance that leared FE : Robertson «; e often the same thorities ran for 10 pages, into Having reaffirmed his decision Russia July 4. 5 and 9 were @0ne in Stalin's name noth sides ae as Sager Korea : ; Tv F , ; ; . : " ' . : " e : " rhe ic : Cc > if that another pi | we ~m0n the record of the Senate In- to stand for reelection, Presi-| not United States Navy planes.”}¥ndone, and that such policies eeeen. , aid a dra ams hew hi np" ati 4 will + eo Williams contended ti in tic cut without a cushion propriations wa ; ; lerior Commitlee dent Fisenhower will confer Moscow Radio, meanwhile, ¥! Hot ecul he , : " . 9 . : san ; F " . : . , . . making in the lous mimit = . ; Dr. Scheele said in one part _ broadcast the text of the Soviet Apparently worried by formation Sen. Samuel J. Ervin Would a rude shock and a tee He «aid he «: no re n > wor f the letter that ts (dicu here Thursday with Republican note on alleged violations of its Ne®ru's continuing criticism Jt (D-N.C.), the measure’s 5€Tious thing why the tiou .f re} ' ween weows marol) use and duration of National Chairman Leonard W air space. It claimed “a twin-en Dulles emphasized that Indian floor manage! had given the \ sweeping § udy of the en- : 1 af , : Va ae ; . wr oe le " = om Pons " ° . , - ,ict if » oT : T duct hearwmes and inciude t : , ‘\ treatment are matters to be de--Hall about convention plans gined medium bomber of the American relations are fun-|Senate about the Administra. “re 4 : hg eg! meanv le, | . rows _<\termined by the physician in trateg United States Air Force from damentally good” despite what tion's position on it was “not W45 voted by the Senate. It ap ~\ | ¥. . hes " . " individua’ pa the American zone of Ger- he called a “great deal of sur-| rue proved by voice vote a $300,000 many” flew over East Germany face agitation,” the Associated Ervin said he hadn't tried “to ‘®quiry Dy a special committes : . . ; Ana » 7" . 4 . . . Se Dae . ‘OT if , 7. | sie nrobab " ; . ave announce d but the } reside mt is and Poland and intruded into Pres« fur ther rep irted a ceive . 1S ad anvone mehation ed \) Une full forgign : 9 = " " ° " ans . ¥ . ae ry ¢ : 14 . . ve) " eserys . for hearing 7 Ps : ; lio ru , <i . . exper ted to fly to San Francisco Russia neal Grodno at 9 35 There are of cou! co * , adding had her ) in in aLiOfT 5 teed _ os Pnio};r Valt DP; tern , a ne ami : . fere »< for : ns the att the Vemocrats am epubdiicans on week and is a . =e when properly adminis- and make a speech in the Cow a. m said, “differences in our vi - rmed - , the Appropriation d "ork or LOD , , “*. \ yy red undae controlled con Pa! ' , ins The note « harged that the about a good many interna. \ omme * t ommittee tral POTVUDT Talons an Armed july Zi ' , \ n mn revers ons to property selected pa ae eS So bomber remained over Russia tional affairs . but | hawe there were no opjections to the pervices Committees The linuse or : ; ' ' ; m i Writ tients b or under direction of lion for a second term for one hour and 32 minutes constantly emphasize ad ve do ill irom any, Covernment = up i slated to report to the group out A a physician trained in its use.” That is one of the matters penetrating up to 320 kilome- not hold that against India } agencies senate Jan. 3! il accom Williams said two provisions Most of the cut in the appro

and campaign it has never been officially

and the va ; ree y i sl he GI Ste neras rhe letter said everal dis ief Fxecutive may want ters (over 200 miles). following Dulles said he w ' _ conduct earit funsel to ai Brith advant: an attend use of the | a eat i. There route from Minsk to Vilnius pany President Eisenhower to '" the bu! would permit the priation bul ~$1.3 billion—was

Sen am uf Pag ; medicin and careful planning - og ug ; o Kaunas to Kaliningrad Panama City for the Inter. Government to buy DacK irom) '" miiitary aid to Lnited Wash : 7 . | Walt afte hour ¢ of the dosages is necessary are others such as r example, It also claimed a similar type American Presidents confer. the Waterman Steamship Co States friends and allies. Interstate a! | | | Z The persistence of the drug the question of who is to make UsaF plane from West Ger- ence, July 21-22 of Mobile, Ala, 20 vessels al \s passed by the House, the mecenarhe | list did for several days after its with-'the speech putting the soldier- .,,, penetrated Russia al $1.600.000 each. He said the bil! carries $1.7 billion in mili- iio meee @ the Co » inde ~wihe enit Walter's drawal may be a disadvantage, statesman in nomination, 8.54 a. m. the following day company had bought these tary aid to 36 countries, com deme y | Oe teal Rosner : ed Geant te Seanhe eke The talk here Tuesday, when near Brest flying to Pinsk Tadar %. I, d =m ships from the Government 12 pared with the $3 billion asked Burke va OU A el . one Ewart nomi! on al- Republican leaders of Congress| Raranovichi, Kaurus and Ka . a@ex lo 15 years ago at an average Sy Mr. Eisenhower eimne ; me > ng , , ountered: most was lost sight of mn the were in tows. was that Presi- liningrad, “penetrating up to \ : , price of $800,000 to $900,000 i provides for $1.7 billion or : +4""S " oan probably avai war of Committee words. The dent Fisenhower wants Rep 150 kilometers” and remaining Pe; > The bill in question, a nong CCONOMINA aid to 4 crountrie 1 am going to st , : to lle ary s outbreaks started wilh ques (Charies A, Halleck (R-Ind.) to over Russia one hou! ana 20 , ' othe! inings would have al in all 4 countries would get be saserte: oe Commu tions about D’Ewart’s knowl make the nominating spee< h minutes : IPE | lowed the Commerc Depart aid under the bill with 28 get

Che Fairfax pet , _ rmed “dreadful see D’EWART. Page 11, Col. 2 The President is known to De Russia also charged another nice , ' | T | ment to charter surplus tank-| Ung both military and economic nrolect wou he we dadeniai of ploy ni a strong admirer of Halleck and LSAF twin engined bomber “'¥o>* , seetetes ers lo private companies charg aid : ta development of ree & te: non ¢@ in the . - of his ability as an orator “penetrated Soviet territory to , ing them $150,000 a year pei liouse GOP leaders repeated ef the county a! slta would me} thes fi. fiwiy Stee] Negotiation Then there is the question of a considerable depth” on July Dixor ' o ship i) scolded their colleagues for he » source of annova pportunits : rg Mr. Eisenhower's own part in 5, and that on July 9 “new vio-| Editoria hopper’s Pg. « A hotly disputed provision ‘ailing to back the President in netilion “as< re . u ne ni *Tfamation To Resume’ loday the campaign, W hen he is to lations of >oviet air space Dv ( lod ale would have permitted ine com. O15 repeated ane soem pleas Frnest W. Reis: id rue ive made it clear start and just how much he is American aircraft were record ry ors 53 | panies to trade in two dry car-|'0 restore at least part of pre a committee opp o 1 ait rganization’s main con Sen. GOP Leader Wil- ed Financial .26-26 55 go vessels, by selling them to Vious cuts in the aid program nant Tne : é | abilitation.”| Stee} iio eliebel ¢ liam F. Knowland (Cal.), in an [The Red note charged the Gor A 55 the Government, to raise part | But neither the Republican action vesterday iney a > Si id recall help agreed ne i) mnion Mouncing here Tuesday that flights were “for reconnaissance vormen $ 39 of the cost of building the new ‘aders nor anyone -— woe reade are Of ard , pl ts a foes blacklisted |eaders in Pittsburgh today in the President was “in the purposes,” declaring they con-| Horoscor | Weather 20 dry cargo-tankers See AID, Page 11, Col. 3 the airpo! ent ent artists Dy seek an efor ta end the ii-dav-old race to stay,” quoted him as stituted ‘deliberate action by ?,

Meanwhi aT See BLACKLIST Pre. 12. Col. 1 steel strike See IKE, Page 2, Col. I certain United States ele

shall Butler (R-M ° IPE NS. ie ee ments calculated to aggravate Papers Speculate on His Dow nfall

would take ecretal UsS-( SSR relations at a time of e Week i\wnen international tension

New Bill Locked in Conference easing and Gen Nathan

mee iztina has been visting Rue /(uests al Reception Deny Khrushchey

25 Drug Addicts Left Fre am » Drug Addicts Left Free to Roat "Resor? Weather |Insulted West in Drunken Moments

By Death of District Commitment RBEW ety PRT itecoon, ny so septamsons wl oe em ees

Hight 7800 84 || nent guests at a recent Soviet June 24 is this the end of Khrush

Th 4 Foir Pei Cheonx : - a r . , . . , > , “as 2 . Se ry - : > » dae > , ;

first withdrawal ing to get conferees together High 78-84 of w bmcatang reception for visiting Western Lt. Gen. Tage Anders = a ane Se a So far the rush toward ad Fri; Chenes airmen denied today that Rus-|in the Danish capital that he Was Mr. K rude at that

' . from the dru according to - . = rr dee , . arty? , nif Ze) i: ed 4 - g & iournment has blocked a meet- oo Howes, 4 sian leaders were anything saw nothing out of the ordinary party asked the Daily Ex

yfive known drug United States Attorney Olive: ine : . NS ses3 more than cordial despite per-\at the party poces are wandering Washing- Gasch The Senate and House dis | oS sistent reports that Soviet Com-| “I saw no intoxicated or But Daily Mail Reporter ton’s streets He said yesterday he would agreed on two items in the Dill : i munist Party chief Nikita noisy person he said. And he Walter Farr said he learned PHONE TODA / » gre at large. officials await disposition of the Dis- The Senate version allowed " Khrushchev was drunk and in- derided the reports to the con- trom an authority in a@ posi i i a aie : . ; : eit : : , 7 . - 9 + . ; “e« Te ti o sy. because Congressional au- trict’s bill before proceeding Federal agents to inspect local a sulting , trary as “pure fabrication on to know the full facts’ tha cme as Gece an tines al the cases of the 25, referred druggists’ records, contrary to |4 -. The reports that Khrushchev Twining's office in Washing the party chief Is planning a y to send them to the Fed- , him by Det. Sgt. Joseph the House-passed bill , insulted Western nations in ton issued a statement by the “long holiday Farr said the weekend want ads eral Narcotics Hospital at Lex- Gabrys. head of the Metropoli- Referrals to Lexington could , general and United States Air Air Force chief that “an air of party chief now must be ai ‘“ * ak on ington,“ Ky expired June 30. tan Police narcotics squad be made for two more years, Force Chief of Staff Gen. cordiality prevailed at the garded as a drunk who iS pray

" © vig few powers to commit ad Whether police will be able under the House bill. The Sen- || we tase 4 Nathan Twining and British reception | ing into his enemies hands. atwaday & Sunda iet« to Leximgton are con- to find the addicts later pre- ate called for an indefinite ex- | Air Minister Sir Nigel Birch in’ But two Senators said Twin rhe enemies were identified Clacsit 4 in a proposed fareoties sents # -preblem.Under present tension | particular raised speculation in ing told them that at one point as former Foreign Minister | toh law for the District. law, police release addicts after The proposed District law the British press today that the in the shindig Premier Nikolai V. M. Molotov, former Premier of The ecked in Senate-House confer- giving their names to Gasch. If would aid treatment of addicts, fy portly party boss might be on A. Bulganin went up to Khrush- George M. Malenkov and First Washington Post ence the drug users don't answer a contro! the sale of “thrill” pills 4 his way to political oblivion chev and told him, “Be quiet Deputy Premier Lazar Kagano- Until conferees clear the bill. subpena. police wil) have to and make night searches easier. || of showers But both Twining, through you are talking too much vitch, a brother-in-law of Stalin. the addicts’ only hope for treat- search the city for them, ac An addict discovered by po- || his office in Washington. and) The London newspapers -— All were Stalinists. It was ment at overcrowded D. C. cording to Gabdrys lice, under the new bill, could } ; > uk wes ther 8 the chief of the Danish air except for the Communist Khrushchev who launched the RE. 7-\ 234 General Hospital. But facilities District Committee aides on be held until his court erdered L force in Copenhagen denied Daily Worker~-speculated that campaign to debunk the late

there allow only 10 days care Capitol Hill said they were try- removal to the hespital. iatbiraree Potond Teme tenis ae that there was anything but a Khrushchev may be drinking Premier.




and Times Heraid


4 Tharsday, July 12. 1956 eeee

ee cee " - : ee eae ee -_— _ _——

Democrats Challenge President aie? hy 75 ory To Make 84th Congress Issue Sta on AUTO > —. bb. i0 "2s ee SS . °° bes acne ae = | red EF AIRS

lenged President Eisenhower yesterday to raise Congres” handling of his iegisiative pro . NO ONE BEATS OUR PRICES gram aS @n issue in the coming | OR OUR WORKMANSHIP

campaign Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey Front End

(D-Minn.) said the Democrats | Overhauled are well armed with facts Enjoy Washington Weather

about a lack of Republican sup 95 port in Congress for foreign aeeeeieens AIR CONDITION 19. aid. : uP

which Eisenhower report . . “ne )

edly pledged yester fay to stress Shriner Is Ready to Shine | Your Automobile in the campaign .

Before Kise ‘hower starts 62. of Deadwoed. & $ rus toute to Gametman aliiiieen eit Gerald Crarr. = ' P.. impertal Potentate ment athation AUTOMATIC his leap year liberalism. I sug elect of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nebles of the | Trans- gest that convincing Myetic Shrine. has bic tie adjested by dauchter Margaret | Me Money Down—2 Years to Pay . 3 about 225 Republicans in Cor Ane with supervision by Gev. Jee Foss of South Dakota. One-Day Service eueSsrOn ‘gress who don't go along with Crary was preparing te attend «2 ceremony af the Shrine | Free Demonstration REPAIRS

him.” Humphrey said cenvention im Detreit Be eas installed vesterday. $34 95

“it might be better for him 'O Campaign a little for the .. Washington for a farewell ' ; ty’s executive commit farmers and small businessmen dinner for Sen. and Mrs. Walter for the old age nsioners and! ec «sj poe em he

pe Fr. George (D4.a.) spemsored Oy ="

the children in des rate need the Democratic Senatorial ( am rive te get & aime of REBUILT of school rooms —_ States Rights Party candidates

Daren -omm Tt Sen. John . Sparkmar p-7* +4 Oo Oe f Waeshiestes fer presidential electors on the MOTORS : ee . . Al; the 1952 D ' 2 ws y tom = Non ° Four Washington teen-agers received a Bohar. 16: Betsy Blair, 18: George Andrews, a ; 32 Democratic vice | | . tres 6 general election ballot

nre<c omit ; Lomi i< Rou ide: (ow _ acares . : ; Congressional sendoff here yesterday when 18, and Jean Leckwood, 17. They are part re . a 2, ae = the Colorade State Democrats whe Senn Giadies NO DOWN PAYMENT $99.00 they left on the 4th leg of their cross- of a Ti-section team which will present a how Republicans helped battle Convention July Chandler said his group is Easy Credit on Any item if Desired country bicycle relay from Portland, Me.., scroll te President Eisenhower at the Ke ip a Senate-passed housing new —not « revival of the State« WITH EXCHANGE to San Francisco. Left to right, Jimmy publican National Convention. bill in the House New States Rights Rigs Demecrats which en- ' Sparkman and Humphres Partw Is Organized tered slates of electors im ai both said the “part-time Presi : number ef states in the 1948 Te re dent” issue will be injected inte SHREVEPORT. La. Jely 1! general election (/ N ixon Return : Rea dy to Run W ith Ike the campaign atesniaiieinel r._:-ormation of a new inde The mew party. Chandler said,| “4 CLUTCHES + Z 5 News Service reported pendent political party The i mot support candidates in * Sparkman said thic ic in. States Right« Party of Lour? the Republican or Democratic! eviladbie herawee thats what ana “ae annewerred tocay & ms as lene as they hack

® Y 6246 > e Amid Criticism of Remarks in Senate wit Sine Sout Ser! “Ties. “Steve. the Se rghen bal 20 pe

per Harriman Tells Plans . atec Prose policy of Mr. Nixon and Mr Nixon said that during h Vice President Richard M. sGeeretry of State John Foster) visit to the Philippines, For

. Y r . x . f) a . irnm i . % wing - Soi : ' ly : ~~ , ESO EICu back fre ! "Dulles in regard to India will mosa, Vietnam, Thailand, Pak- NEW YORK, July 11 #—Ge Smith l roves New k ffort the-world tour vesterday with a - Avere!) Harriman «avs if elected & —_- . 4

not serve to drive India and the istan and Turkey he found reaffirmation of his intention

other nations of Asia who fol-'“tremendous respect and af President he would use thal of iw 4aas & 4 Sts. N.W. ST. $4255 to try for a second-term nomi-|) ner jead into more open fection for the President of "Ce “positively and firmly” to » , , nation , stat get reluctant states to compl: . friends} with the Soviet sys- the United States . ' 3 riendship une’ Se 0 Fass OCNOO! | 629 H St. NE. 11.6-4600

tle landed at Natio! rport tem.” Kefauver said At this point, he said he the Supreme Court de aboard a special military plane jn a news conference in'anticipated that many report. “°" ©" Segregavon bare minutes after Sen. Estes pakistan Nixon said he had ers wanted to know “what my His views were given in an Sen HW Alexander Smith (R- Aee 1. The Senate leader has Kefauver (D-Tenn a Demo Nehru in mind when he said plans will be He then said Sets to a series of questions ; rankine Republican on *tt ®° speci fie adjournment tar cratic presidential aspirant, had earlier that acceptance of Com- that in April he had indicated, § m »P. L. Prattis, executive Senate Labor and P , oer Republican leaders told denounced him to the ~~ munist assistance is danger- he would be happy to abide by ©®"°r . the Pittsburgh ae , , ca - m "6 Present Emsenhower at Get Call RE. 71-1234, ask fer Circulation, and erder The Wash- for getting into a row with ID- ous and “inconsistent with free- the ecision of Preeident *'. @ egTo newspaper he are Uo ¢ ur r tt; » earlier thic week that dia’s Prime Minister Jawarhalal dom "The Indian leader re-'and _ Eg Men nane answers were give.. out todas terday t they hoped to be finished by’ ston Post and Times Herald guaranteed home delivery. Nehru in the course of the trip. acted sharply Since the President has indi by Harriman for President Kefauver told the Senate “!! In an arrival statement, Nix- cated his decision to stand for “¢@¢ auarters fxs an incredible fact” that Nixon on had no comment on that reelection, “I can say the an The New York Governor. cam got into a feud with Nehru, and matter but stuck to a report of nouncement I made in April P®'s™'ng activity for the Demo he linked that development friendly reactions he found has not changed cratic presidental nomination with what he called “growing overseas, plus politics Senate Republican Leader ™4es his frst personal bid far anti-Indian policies” in the Noting what he termed Pres- William F. Knowland (Calif Southern support when he State Department. He also was ident Eisenhower's decision “to who announced President Ff speaks Saturday at Ashebore critical of the withdrawal of stand for reelection.” Nixon senhower's second term deci. %. John Sherman Cooper as Am- said sion, Was among the firet ta bassador to India while Cooper | am sure the announce- greet Nixon at the airport » Member Stirs House campaigns for the Senate in ment he has made will be a Droad smile on his face. Know

Kentucky cause for approval over there land posed with GOP National Ouoting Valik on Ihe " : . . The question in ffoughtful (in the areas« he’ visited) and Chairman Leonard Hall for th _ SAL minds will now be whether the for rejoicing.” photographers Rep. John J. Rooney (T)- NV. ¥ . . , ; | _ ; Started a furor r ihe Howes ' * . . yesterday when he read a news we , AY A / th T : | QP | H | report quoting Soviet Ambaes . a J . ; ; "FI1I- nnuUda ie sador to London Jacob Malik as “° ©eeCa™ President and G Leader Hal] sz: versa jscon mains stone 5 2

To Enforce Integration

Shame on you.” exclaimed **7e ommitiee headed by Ser ¥ > Rep Charles A Halleck R Lester Hill (D> Liz 4 erenm Pit To Confer on Campaign Strategy ee Weetnaten oie, senertee = Rooney said all he had dene'™® S88 Searmes have en . was read a news dispatch that scheduled : + ot 10-28

ce day if the President was likely'with Dr. Arthur S. Flemmi had come into the speakefs’ 45° S*m2te YE: wert ee IKE—From Page I : , ~ ea lhebby and he had put no inter 2 ™—80 minutes earher (han

to put more energy into the Director of the Office of De p © ,

pretation on it usual—during the rest of the

saying he would wage a “vigor-\campaign than was expected +... siobilization, and Perci But Halleck said hi< action Session. Committees may sil

ous and active campaign earlier » Piiveet ib] , til n Back in early March, just “! never knew the President val Brundage, Director of the, was “susceptible of but one in-/Omly Until noo

after General Eisenhower hadi when he didh't put all the Budget terpretation shame on vou Johnsor ' mo If you re a Washingtonian of long standing you know what tremendous announced he would seek re- energy that he has at his com-| His conference with Dt for the conduct here today oe o rs <a values to expect in this traditional July Semi-Annual Shirt Sale! But election despite his heart at- mand into anything he does, Fiemming had to do with Op-| 4 Hai dc _— - <a : H ‘os old-cumer or newcomer, you ll find our selection this year surpasses all tack, Hall gave reporters a Said Hagerty : . tat Coming te &. ©. ,

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campaign speeches limited number of television ap and then take off that evening Colorado and Wyoming in the There has been something in pearances for Panama City, where he is next 10 days

the Gettysburg atmosphere’ “All I can say,” said Hagerty, ‘© Meet with presidents of oth Stevensons headquarters

since yesterday to suggest that grinning, “is that I am not go-'*t American republics. He said said the Democratic presider

the President, his health per- ing to discuss in July and Aug- the President also would take tial aspirant will leawe here

mitting. will do more in the ust what we expect to do in 4 part in the evacuation exer- Thursday on a flight to Mont

campaign than it was thought September and October We cises after his return from Pan- real. Canada. where he will be ¢< he would before his abdominal are not going to give any blue- #™ma Cit) met by J. Edward Moran, mayor , >) FINE WHITE operation on June 9 prints now Harold F. Stassen, the Presi-'of Burlington, Vt. From there , , - When Hall meets the Presi- @¢™ S adviser on disarmament, they will go to New England : . Went Discuss Details dent in the den of the Eisen-'W'!! call at the Eisenhower Stevenson is expected to re 4 Broadcloth Shirts White House Press Secretary hower farm home Thursday farm Thursday morning just turn here sometime during the , . James C. Hagerty was asked to- morning it will be the first, #head of Chairman Hall weekend. On July 19. he will go time he has seen the Chief Ex ecutive since his operation. He had been supremely confident the President would stay in the SAVE $1.05 race, but did not know for a NOW WILNER’S fact that he would until Hag erty telephoned him Tuesday morning. Ike Signs 35 Bills | Full count 144x76 lustrous

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BOSTON. Juls | wA ! , $250 000 mortgage on the Post Publishing Co. was filed today attorneys sought to Dlock «a resttaining order which would ban. sale of iMe new spaper

Ver ording wo Lee J. Sullivan registrar of deeds. Attorney John § Bottom))\ who now holds options on the 125-veai ©\4 Rewspaper. filed the mort gage at neon toda

Lasclosure of the mortgage came shortly after a lawyer for : =

. RANCTS MM HAT ELD Mrs. Helen D. Grozier, who has ; sl an interest in the paper wught ' : ye , . alles, alias @ restraining order to prevent Others Joi Thee financier John Fox from selling : " ; a Meany if ns I

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it was explained the move Grozier, the amount since put va , , Was to secure Mrs. Grorzier'’s $1 asing the Post Lai an , —— —_oae Trine