Rock Raiders graphics tasks. (Rob Dorney, 19/3/99)

General tasks:

Check if old Lego Logo is used anywhere.

Numbers for health tick-off when hit(arcade game style).

Generally lighten game textures.

Check if all world textures are done for the Soil/wet graphic style. (Is it going into the game?) Do better water textures for Ice level.

Non-functioning power symbol to put above buildings without power.

Do bird-scarer object and effect. (Could dynamite not be used for this to simplify things?) Check through vehicles and buildings for gouraud shading problems.

Floor and Wall laser-hit effect.

Block of Ice graphic in Rock-monster, slug and mini-figure sizes.

Implement impact graphic for pusher weapon (smoke rings).

Dig up path icon and Pointer.

Add item nulls to the dock bucket and water vehicles.

Presentation stuff:


e Panelling to hold buttons for [options] [build] [teleport], e Rotate/zoom buttons,

e Air supply,

e Priority list panelling

e Graphically show amount of crystals needed before level is complete (TBD) Mission Briefing Panel.

e Finish graphic,

e Do font,

e Variety of congratulatory AVI's of the Captain.

Highlighted Icon graphic.

Pressed in version of all Icons.

Target cursor.

Save screen panelling (10 slots).

Check Captain/Advisor animation. Problem with his arm.

Front end-

e = Menu font

e Background picture/animation

e Rock Raiders logo


Implement Hearl’s * slip over onto bum’ animation. Hammering animation still wrong (doesn’t loop properly)

Buildings and Vehicles:

Upgrade building. Do lower/raise winch scene file (same way as power at the refinery). Add power storage facility to Gun turrets. (Cells next to it, or flashing elements around the base). Refinery ‘refine’ alphas poor. Needs updating.

Minifigure teleporter has no animation when doing nothing.


e Teleport down animation

e Blow up animation

e No animation or alpha effects.

Implement explode animations for vehicles.

Smallest teleporter. Add power cell.

Large Teleporter-

e Teleport down animation,

e Implement completed floor graphic.

e Transparency missing on hand rails- copy changes onto smallest teleporter.


Rock Monster

e Pickup crystal animation (Plus carry crystal)

e Go into wall carrying crystal animation (or add null to existing anim.... must check on) e No dust when walking while carrying

Slugs dig hole/escape anim.

Spiders disappear into wall animation.

Implement and check through Lava monster and Ice monster.

Yelp animation for Rock Monster and Mini-figures (Rub bum etc).

Hit animation for slugs.

Slug Run animation.